Bounce Outdoor Fresh Dryer Sheets

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Vendor : Costco

Product Type : Household

We admit, the outdoors smell great. But with our Bounce Outdoor Fresh fabric softener dryer sheets you also get fewer wrinkles, way less static cling, repel lint and hair while keeping your fabrics soft - all on top of an outdoor fresh scent. Ahhhhh, now that’s a breath of fresh air.

•    Keep your laundry extra soft and static-free with Outdoor Fresh Bounce Dryer Sheets;
•    Bounce sheets also help reduce wrinkles, and repel lint & hair;
•    Outdoor Fresh scent adds a breath of fresh air to each load of your laundry;
•    Safe for all dryers (HE & Regular): Simply toss in your machine, dry, and enjoy;
•    For more freshness, use Bounce Sheets with In-Wash Fabric Softener & Scent Booster Beads;
•    Sheet Size: 16.2 cm x 22.8 cm (6.4 in. × 9 in.)
•    Includes: 2 packs of 160 Sheets